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Here are some highlights on how the funds from last year’s event were and are being used: 

  • Light therapy lamps were purchased for use within Cambridge Memorial Hospital

  • Yoga mats were purchased for an outpatient yoga and mindfulness group at Cambridge Memorial Hospital

  • 96 total training hours in Suicide to Hope (Purpose of the training is to strengthen hope by aiding recovery and growth in persons with previous suicide experiences who are currently safe) for 12 individuals

  • Funds from the event helped contribute to other trainings within community such as SafeTALK and ASIST

  • Last year we distributed over 21,000 resources- funds from the Reach Out Awareness event helped us distribute over 1,000 Understanding Suicide Prevention Handbooks

  • Your funding also helps to support activities for World Suicide Prevention Day so we can provide this day of healing for free to the community

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